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What is an authorized remote pilot?

French law assigns a registration number to telepilots fulfilling the following conditions:

To be in possession of a ULM theoretical patent

Have purchased professional insurance covering all types of missions

Have a Siret number

Hold a DNC (proficiency statement)

Have established a MAP (Special Activity Manual)

Have filed with the DGAC a request for a declaration of Particular Activity.

Use drones approved by the DGAC according to each scenario.

The remote pilot is responsible for his actions and must comply with the legislation on the use of multi rotor (drones)

The remote pilot must be able to respect the airspace and all its prohibitions.

The remote pilot must file a pre-flight declaration in an area populated by an aircraft flown without any person on board (drone) to the prefecture for S3 scenarios (in urban areas) or near rallies of persons.

The remote pilot does not have the right to fly over people or traffic lanes (except if they can be neutralized by the police).

The remote driver must make a request for land use from the town hall and guarantee a safety zone around the place of takeoff.

Without these verifications, you expose yourself, in case of control or accident as a principal, by assuming your full responsibility.

Author Photographer specialized photography and aerial video by drone

Aerial photography Gironde

Photographer since 1999, ULM pilot since 2011, I naturally oriented towards aerial photography . I opted for the use of drones to devote all my energy to framing and making high quality videos. Trained in Photoshop and Light Room for photography, I master perfectly editing and video editing with Davinci Resolve and Adobe Premiere. In addition, I use a 4k camera allowing me the relation and the assembly of impressive panoramic views 360 ° in virtual visit ( see here ).

Aerial photography and video in Gironde

Potography and aerial video in Gironde

Aerial photography and video in Gironde

Tele-pilot operator of drones

Declared at the DGAC under the number ED00864

siret [483 681 789 00028] PHOTODRONE33

Aerial professional photographer in Gironde

Aerial video photography Gironde Bordeaux

ULM class 1 driver

Tele-pilot operator of drones

Declared at the DGAC under the number ED00864

Professional Air Photographer in Gironde since 1999

n ° siret 483 681 789 00028

Digital photo editing - 4K video editing, color editing, image overlay, text, music track, crop ...

Jean-Paul Falguières - Author Photographer

Young retiree coming from the computer and author photographer since 1999 specialized mountain, ULM driver, I wanted to reconnect with photography and video using drones quadrotors performance allowing me to achieve impressive aerial shots.

So I created a Micro Enterprise serving professionals and individuals.

Aerial photography in Gironde - The Port of Bassens

Aerial photography by drone - References

Vermilion SAS - Corporate video production

TIGF - Video Captures for Corporate Video Making

France Télévision - Filming aerial shots for the show Des Racines & des Ailes

Long collaboration with the publisher Milans Presse for the magazine Pyrénées Magazine

The Aquitaine magazine of the Regional Council

Éditions Nathan for illustrating educational books for grades 5 and 5

Atlas editions

La Poste Almanac Cover photos over several years

Mercure Hotel Saint Lary (rooms and lobby decoration)

Mountain and Mountaineering (Front Cover)

Editions Ulysses

Geo Photographs on nature and our mountains

Reader's Digest

Éditions Oberthur (Postcards)

Mythra Publishing (Postcards)

Éditions Thouand (Luxury postcards, table mats ...)

Regional Council of the Pyrénées Atlantiques in the context of heritage development

Tourist Office Laruns Visuals for the production of Kakemonos, Mouse mats, Promotional items

Tourist guide of Lourdes collaboration with many photos.

Royal air Maroc: Portfolio of more than 15 pages on Burkina Faso

Château La Pontête: vineyard appellation Graves de Vayres for which I realized all the photos and videos as well as the website

The magazine Chasseur d'images: many photos have illustrated articles on photographic technique

Photofan Portfolio magazine of several pages alongside Yann Arthus Bertrand

Illustration of many websites such as Hubert Reeves's "Mal de Terre"

a small press article: The photo as seen by Jean-Paul Falguières